How to Select and Wear the Right Hermès scarf

Types Of Hermès Scarves

Hermès scarves are produced in an array of shapes and sizes. The classic Square shaped silk scarf comes in 20cm (nano), 40cm (also comes in a pocket square), 70cm (Coeur bandana) 90cm (carré), and 140cm (shawl size).

The Twilly scarf, which is a long and narrow silhouette with diagonally hemmed ends, comes in these sizes; standard Twilly, Maxi Twilly Slim, and Maxi Twilly Cut. Scarves are also produced in Triangle and Losange shapes. The Losange fit is a lengthened rhombus and can be found in large, medium, and slim sizes, and also comes in a necktie.

A popular detail available in Hermès silk is plissé. The entire scarf is intricately pleated from end to end, creating a structured texture against the silky fabric. The plissé effect has been applied to all shapes and sizes.

Possibilities for styling Hermes scarves are seemingly endless, from using a square to adorn the handle of a Birkin or Kelly, to a losange as a belt or a headband. Bloggers, celebrities, and socialites have been known to get creative when it comes to tying their scarves.