How to Buy and Wear the Hermès scarf

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Why choose Hermès?

By choosing an Hermès scarf, you are choosing to join a long line of famous and stylish women (and men) who have worn the famous scarves over the years. A bit of googling will yield images of Queen Elizabeth, Princess Diana, countless models, and actresses, as well as famously stylish women. So there’s something fun in knowing that you are carrying on this long tradition by choosing an Hermès scarf for yourself.

Craftsmanship Of Hermès Scarves

One of the reasons that Hermès scarves are so highly regarded is the thorough creation process, which stretches over a year per design. Usually, the house releases twelve scarf designs per year. From conceptualization to production, it takes a solid eighteen months to complete a scarf from start to finish. Choosing a color scheme for each scarf is a process in itself, which includes up to twenty-seven different colors, and the development lasts for up to six months. When a design has been affirmed, it is screen printed in Hermès’ French atelier. The printers used in production must be engraved according to every new print, which can take over seven hundred hours to implement. The scarf hems, of course, are hand-stitched.