How to Buy and Wear the Hermès scarf

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How to Wear a Hermès Scarf

If you decide to wear your scarf, opt for professional dry cleaning, ensuring that the hand-rolled edge should never be pressed. “The boxes and acid-free paper Hermès scarves come with are the perfect way to store your scarf, and this particular example looks as fresh as it would have when it was bought 24 years ago,”

Another way to keep your scarf in excellent condition: avoid wearing it on a rainy day. Silk may be damaged by contact with any type of liquid. Do not use any scarf clips, rings, or brooches that might puncture a hole or pull a thread. After you have worn your scarf, do not fold it right away, instead, leave it to “breathe” overnight.

“Keep your scarves folded, out of sunlight, and in their original box as they will be more desirable if they are re-sold in the future,”