How to Select and Wear the Right Hermès scarf

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Regarding the second point above, it is necessary to expand:

Check the primary colors of your wardrobe

There are two bodies of thought on colors when choosing an Hermès scarf.

#1 Stick with the colors of your clothes. Like navy? Choose a scarf with lots of navies. You’ll end up with a very versatile scarf that matches your clothes.

#2 Go with what Hermes does so well- very bright, colorful scarves. I think this is the route I am going to take. I wear a lot of neutrals! I am looking for a pop of color that will work with black, grey, navy, khaki.

Do keep in mind that most Hermès scarves come in different colors- so if you like the pattern but aren’t loving the colorway, keep looking- you may find your ideal combination.

And while the pattern you see when the scarf is laid out flat might be a bit wild/bright, remember that you are going to be wearing it rolled up, folded up and only a bit of the pattern will appear.

If you are unsure which scarf to choose, ask a sales associate for help. Hermès sales associates are very knowledgeable about the scarves and can help you to find the perfect scarf for your needs.