18 Signs You Are Not Getting Enough Protein

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These days, myriad of diets promise a healthy and sexy look, and the more diets we try, the more we get confused: what is actually good for our body? The palette is highly diversified, starting from the raw vegan lifestyle through the Mediterranean diet all the way to the Ketogenic line. Whatever we choose, we should keep in mind that our body needs certain nutrients, the protein being one of the most important ones. Its name already tells a lot, as it comes from the Greek word proteos, which means “primary” or “first place.”

Here is a collection of the most telltale signs that your body gets not enough protein.

Collagen, elastin, and keratin are important components of our nail and skin. What you may not know is that these are all proteins. If your body doesn’t get enough of these valuable nutrients, it will result dry and flaky skin, and ridges on your fingernails. Other causes may lay in the background, but your body will be thankful for a sufficient and balanced diet.