How to Tie a Tie

There are many ways to tie a necktie, but the most popular and versatile knot is the Four-in-Hand. It’s a great knot for beginners as it’s relatively simple to learn and looks good with most collar styles. If you want to tie other styles please click Half-Windsor tie knot, Full-Windsor Tie Knot, Shelby Tie Knot (Pratt knot), Simple (Oriental) Necktie Knot. This page shows how to tie a Four-in-Hand knot:

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Four-in-Hand knot

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0. Start with the wide end of the tie in your right hand and the narrow end in your left. Make sure the wide end is about twice the length of the narrow end.

1. Cross the wide end over the narrow end, making an “X” with the ties.

2. Bring the wide end under the narrow end, from right to left.

3. Pull the wide end up through the loop you just created.

4. Tuck the wide end down behind the front of the tie, making sure it goes through the loop around your neck.

5. Tighten the knot by gently pulling the narrow end of the tie. Adjust the knot so it sits evenly against your collar.

Once you’ve mastered the Four-in-Hand knot, you can try other knots, such as the Half-Windsor and Windsor. These knots are more complex, but they can look more formal and sophisticated.