How To Select The Best Electric Bike [buyer’s Guide]

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About Electric Bikes

While an e-bike certainly isn’t for everyone, they’re definitely worth considering if you cycle frequently, commute to work, or don’t want to take out the car to run a quick errand. Electric bikes have many of the same advantages as traditional bicycles, including being affordable to own and operate and allowing you to get exercise and enjoy the ease of getting around your community. Not only do e-bikes help you get around faster, but they’re friendlier for the environment and a great way to stay active.

The Most Important Features to Consider

1. Battery: You don’t want to get stuck in the middle of the wilderness with a dead battery. To that end, make sure the electric bicycle you choose comes with a long-lasting battery that can get at least 30 miles of use out of a single charge. Also, look for batteries with quick-charge capabilities that can reach a maximum charge in four hours or so. Finally, some batteries can be easily removed for theft deterrence and easy charging.

2. Estimated range: If you’re trying to get more range out of your bike, Then suggest using your legs more. Full pedal-assist or full throttle all the time uses lots of watts, subsequently draining the battery. Pick a battery that is made for the range that suits your needs.

3. Motor: Electric bikes need good quality motors that can easily ascend steep inclines. Look for motors made by Bosch or Shimano, in addition to other reputable companies, and those that offer plenty of torque and climbing power. A good torque sensor helps maintain momentum and a well-made powertrain will ensure your motor is efficiently powered. Maximum turbo speed should be a consideration, but should not weigh too heavily on your decision. These motors can be rear hub motors, mid-drive motors, or front-facing motors and often come with an assist mode.