How To Select The Best Electric Bike [buyer’s Guide]

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4. Tires and Shocks: These electric bikes are intended for use on off-road paths, gravel dirt roads or hiking trails, so you are going to want to make sure the item you choose is outfitted with large tires that are also puncture-resistant. You’ll also want to choose a bicycle with a well-made suspension fork and high-grade shocks, so as to eliminate vibrations from bumps and provide some extra comfort.

5. Brakes: Electric bikes are typically equipped with mechanical or hydraulic brakes. In general, mechanical brakes are cheaper and require lower maintenance but sacrifice performance. They require the strength of your hands to break. Hydraulic brakes, on the other hand, feel nicer, are more responsive, and are easier on your hands but you can expect higher maintenance.

6. Safety Features: Look for brakes with plenty of stopping power, as stopping power can ensure you won’t career down a mountainous trail & also important off-road paths, gravel dirt roads, or hiking trails. In addition to stopping power and brake response time, look for durable head tubes and reliable speed sensors. These speed sensors will let you know exactly how fast you are traveling, so you can adjust accordingly. Speed sensors can be found on the integrated displays.