How To Select The Best Electric Bike [buyer’s Guide]

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Best for Mobility Concerns

Tern NBD S5i

Electric bikes are inclusive. Even if you’re older or not as fit as you used to be, you can still hop on an electric bike and ride for miles. Tern’s newest NBD is designed specifically for people who have mobility issues. The frame has the lowest step-through I’ve ever seen. The top tube is a mere 15 inches off the ground—you barely have to lift your leg to best ride the bike. 

It has a bunch of low-maintenance and ergonomic features, such as Tern’s maintenance-free Gates drive and internal hub motor, huge handles, big, flat foot pedals, a suspended seat, and a big, bright Bosch display with buttons that you can identify at a touch. It has a Bosch Performance Line motor that provides up to 65 Nm of torque, and a long-lived battery that only went down one bar after 18 miles. At slightly over 51 pounds, it’s also relatively light. And yes, it’s pretty spendy if you don’t need those extra-low inches. But if you do, it’s hard to put a price on being able to ride again. 

★ Alternative: Still want a light, convenient Tern but don’t want to spend quite this much? The Quick Haul ($2,999) is equally small and light but offers a slightly sportier ride, and it’s much more affordable.