How to Select a Baseball Glove [Buyer’s Guide]

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Other parts to consider


Often players choose gloves depending on the webbing. Some like them open, others closed. Make sure your glove has solid webbing that is securely attached to the rest of the glove because it will be more durable. Basically, pitchers like closed webbing to hide the ball from the hitter, and outfielders, and third basemen also like closed webbing for extra support. Middle infielders like the open web for faster retrieval.


An important consideration when selecting a baseball glove is the pocket style; this will depend on the position you play. The general rule is smaller pockets for infielders and deeper ones for outfielders.


Closed or open “backs” or the area behind the wrist is a matter of personal preference and position. Infielders tend to prefer open backs for better flexibility, and outfielders closed, with a finger chamber for added support.


Your glove should allow you to adjust the wrist to keep the glove snug. Either Velcro or a D-ring fastener should do the trick.