How to Select a Baseball Glove [Buyer’s Guide]

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Check for Durability

Your baseball glove should be made of very durable 100-percent genuine leather, and it should be branded as such. Watch for any labels that indicate that only parts of the glove are made from non-leather or veneer materials, or that the leather is “specially treated.” Watch out for leather-looking gloves that are actually plastic. These are not preferred for children, because they won’t be able to break in like a leather glove, and glove oil won’t work on them.

Selecting a Baseball Glove that Fits your Price Range

Shop for a glove that both meets your position and sizing needs and your budget too. Research and compare prices. But don’t settle for a glove made with artificial materials, or an “all around” glove when you have a position that requires a glove with definite qualities, just to get a good deal.