Cat Food Buying Guide

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Healthy Feeding Schedule

When it comes to making a healthy feeding schedule, it really depends on the individual cat. There are two methods for feeding your cat: free feeding and scheduled feeding.

Free Feeding

With free feeding, you leave the bowl of food out at all times so your cat can eat when they please. It’s best to do this method with dry food because it won’t spoil as quickly as wet food. It’s also a great option if you’re not home enough to follow a feeding schedule. It can also work great for multi-cat homes. However, some cats will overeat. This can cause obesity, and lead to other health problems. If you choose this method, it’s best to monitor your cat’s weight and eating habits. If they overeat and begin gaining excessive weight, it will be time to get your cat on a scheduled feeding diet.

Scheduled Feeding

If you’re buying wet food, you will definitely want to consider scheduled feeding. You can fill the bowl with food and take it away after some time has passed. We recommend giving your cat half an hour to eat. You can also help your cat with portion control. Portion out some of the cat food, and let the cat eat at its own pace. This method works great if you have a regular schedule where you’ll be at home for feeding time. It’s also a good method for cats in need of weight loss, or that need to take medications with their meal. It’s best to check with your veterinarian before putting your cat on a diet.