Cat Food Buying Guide

Dry Cat Food vs. Canned Wet Cat Food

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You’ll also need to choose between wet and dry cat food. Both have their pros and cons.


Dry food, also known as kibble, although based on animal products, many contain texturized vegetable protein and fillers. Dry food only contains ten percent water, therefore if your cat is on a dry food diet he/she will require access to a sufficient amount of water.

One advantage of dry cat food is that it provides exercise for your cat’s teeth and helps to remove excess tartar. It can also be kept out longer for feedings than wet food without spoiling or insect infestation. Dry food should always be kept tightly sealed in its package and kept at room temperature in order to retain freshness.

There are many different brands of dry foods on the market, but keep in mind that just as there are junk foods for humans, there are junk foods for cats. When choosing a dry cat food make sure to read the ingredients, if the list starts with fillers like corn, corn meal, wheat, or any other name than a specific protein, like chicken, lamb, duck, etc, then look for another brand. Cats are carnivores, and therefore the best cat food for your cat is one that is filled with real meat since it should be the main source in their diets.