Why Are These 2 Electric Vehicle Brands Worth Buying, Did You Know?

new tesla model 3,tesla model s range,electric vehicles

As technology progresses, electric vehicles are becoming more and more popular. There are so many brands to choose from, which one is right for you? Here we list the top 2 competitive brands, Tesla and BYD. Tesla is a well-known company, so we don’t need to introduce it. BYD is a technology-driven company, as its founder is a brilliant scientist. He is an expert in battery research.

Why Tesla?

Tesla Model has several unique technologies that are different from other electric vehicle brands.

New Tesla Model 3

new tesla model 3,tesla model s range,electric vehicles

The Tesla Model 3 stands out from other electric vehicles in terms of technology:

  • Battery: Tesla’s self-developed 21700 cylindrical cells boast higher energy density and lower costs. In contrast, most other brands rely on 18650 cylindrical or square cells, which lags in energy density and cost.
  • Motor: Tesla utilizes permanent magnet synchronous motors for superior efficiency and lower noise levels. Comparatively, most competitors opt for AC asynchronous motors, resulting in lower efficiency and higher noise.
  • Silicon Carbide Inverter: The Tesla Model uses a silicon carbide inverter, which can improve motor efficiency, reduce electrical losses, and increase cruising range.
  • Autonomous Driving: Tesla leads the way in autonomous driving technology, with its Autopilot system capable of achieving L2.5 level autonomous driving. Meanwhile, the majority of other brands remain at the L2 level.
  • Software Updates: Tesla allows for convenient over-the-air (OTA) software updates to enhance vehicle features and performance. On the other hand, most other brands require updates to be performed at a dealership, which is a slower and less convenient process.

Tesla Model S

new tesla model 3,tesla model s range,electric vehicles

In addition to the advanced technologies of the Tesla Model 3 mentioned above, It has upgraded battery technology. Tesla Model S uses a 4680 battery. Compared with the 2170 battery, the single energy density is increased by 5 times, the cruising range is increased by 16%, and the cost is reduced by 14%.

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new tesla model 3,tesla model s range,electric vehicles

Why BYD?