the Ultimate Hoverboard Buying Guide

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Smart features

Hoverboards are a cool mode of transportation, and you’ll find some models have smart features like Bluetooth, built-in speakers, and app control. You can stream your favorite music while you glide to your next destination.

Hoverboard with LED lights

You might get every hoverboard flashing LED light today, but the functionality of these lights is not merely to increase the attractiveness of this vehicle (which sadly some of the cheap hoverboard manufacturers do).

The LED lights are strategically placed on the sides (both front and rear) of the hoverboard, which acts as the head and tail lights of a vehicle. These lights are especially useful when you ride your hoverboard in the dark as they not only act as differently-colored indicator lights but also help to illuminate the road in front of you.

Price range

Hoverboards are a fairly inexpensive mode of transportation. You can find hoverboards for less than $100 and they range in price all the way up to $1500 or more as you add features and extend the range it can travel.