Standing Desk Buying Guide

Why Buy a Standing Desk?

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Using a standing desk often helps people experience less back pain than sitting at a conventional desk. There has also been some speculation that using a standing desk can boost mood since it breaks up the typical sitting from 9-5 that many of us with office jobs have to endure.

Today, though, ergonomics experts say the consensus is that switching back and forth throughout the day is the healthiest for your body. “It isn’t that standing all day is better than sitting,” says Dana Keester, CR’s in-house ergonomics expert. “The main benefit of a standing desk is the ability to move.”

Types of Standing Desks

1)Electric standing desk

Just because you can now find an electric sit-stand on Amazon for under $150 doesn’t mean it’s a smart buy. You’re better off choosing one from a reputable brand like Uplift, Javis, Invigo, or Branch, and that potentially has a dual motor, which makes it more adept at lifting a heavy load (important if you have unusually large computers on your desk). All of these models plug into the wall, so you’ll need a nearby outlet.

Weight Capacity

This might not seem important initially, but if you’re used to having a lot of stuff on your desk, you have to consider how much weight the motor can handle. And remember that the tabletop has to be included in the weight that the motor will be lifting. Desks on the low end will only lift 50 lbs. If you’re not sure how much your stuff weighs, take everything you have on your desk right now and weigh it. If the tabletop of the desk you’re considering isn’t listed, call the manufacturer to find out how much it weighs. On the high end, some desks can lift a whopping 700 lbs!