Refrigerator cleaning methods

The importance of the refrigerator.

People have adopted many methods of storing foods since ancient times, such as confusion, which is packaging with a layer of sugar, pickling, and drying, but all of these methods are not suitable for preserving vegetables and fruits, so the refrigerator is one of the most important electrical tools in every home, and its importance in particular With the presence of the freezer that helps in preserving foods for long periods.

foods preserved by freezing preserves their flavor and freshness more than dried or canned foods, and it is also a savior in cases of guests coming suddenly, for example, baked pastries can be stored and taken out and heated when needed, so they are ready in a short time, It is very important to keep the refrigerator clean to ensure the safety and cleanliness of the foods in it, and in this article, several ways to clean the refrigerator will be mentioned.

Ways to Clean the refrigerator

Cleaning the refrigerator is a priority for the housewife, in order to avoid dirt that leads to the appearance of a bad smell, Therefore, it is very important to learn ways to clean the refrigerator, and these methods include:

Keeping the refrigerator clean from the outside, and using a soft fiber, and not using strong cleaning materials to avoid causing scratches on the outside of the refrigerator. Refrigerator and vinegar diluted in warm water with soap and soda carbonate can be used in equal quantities to wipe the refrigerator and then dry it well.

To clean the refrigerator from the inside, it must be completely emptied and disconnected from the electricity, and it is recommended to use natural materials to clean the refrigerator, such as vinegar and sodium bicarbonate, and be careful to dry the refrigerator when the cleaning process is finished, leave it open for ventilation, and then return the foods inside.

It is possible for mold to appear on a part of the refrigerator, and to get rid of it it is recommended to use industrial preparations because they are stronger than natural preparations, and the piece of cloth used to clean the mold must be disposed of, in order to prevent the accumulation of bacteria, and to make sure that the mold has been eliminated must be repeated cleaning The refrigerator several times, and it is recommended to put charcoal tablets to absorb the smell of mold and make sure to ventilate the refrigerator before returning foods to it.

How to arrange the refrigerator after applying methods for cleaning the refrigerator?

We actually talked before about the methods of arranging refrigerators, you can find the article here.

It is very important to place the foods inside the refrigerator in a specific order, as arranging the refrigerator helps to know what foods are available and what should be bought, and placing the foods in the correct places in the refrigerator helps to preserve them for a longer period, and what It comes as one of the methods used to arrange the refrigerator:

Put the leftovers, drinks, and ready-to-eat foods such as yogurt and cheese on the upper shelves. Place food intended for cooking, such as vegetables, on the lower shelves. The refrigerator door is the part with the highest temperature, so it is advisable not to put milk and eggs in it, but to put the sauces used to add flavors. Use the drawers in the freezer to store frozen meat and vegetables, if the drawers are arranged on top of each other, it is recommended to put meat in the upper tray and vegetables in the lower tray.

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