How to Select a Baseball Glove [Buyer’s Guide]

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Select a glove that fits: Choosing the right-sized glove

General sizing chart:

AgeGlove Size
4 – 610″
7 – 911″
10 – Adult12″ to 13″

Position-specific glove sizing charts:

AgePositionGlove Size
8 – 13Infield10 1/2″ to 11 1/2″
8 – 13Outfield11 1/2″ to 12 1/2″
14+Infield11″ to 12″
14+Outfield12″ to 12 3/4″
AgePositionGlove Size
up to 8Infield9″ to 10 3/4″
up to 8Outfield10″ to 11 1/5″
9 – 13Infield10 1/2″ to 11 1/2″
9 – 13Outfield11 1/2″ to 12 1/5″
14+Infield11 3/4″ to 12 1/2″
14+Outfield12 3/4″ to 14″
AgePositionGlove Size
14+Infield12″ to 12 3/4″
14+Outfield12 1/2″ to 14″

Size is the most misunderstood aspect of ball gloves. Some parents might think a small glove will make it harder for a player to catch the ball – but that’s not the case. A smaller glove allows for easier for a young player. The more control of the glove a player has, the better they can get their body and glove in position to catch and secure the ball.

If a player is using a glove that is too large, it will feel awkward and potentially be a distraction. The function can be boiled down to this: can a player easily and successfully squeeze the glove closed? If a player cannot close a glove, the player should try another glove size.

Tip: Make sure there is ample hand space for a batting glove to be worn inside.

Selecting a baseball glove with plenty of room is better than one that’s too tight. The inside of your glove should have enough room for wearing a batting glove too. When you’re shopping, try your glove on with your batting glove. You should always wear one inside your baseball glove to protect the insides from dirt and salts from your hands, which can deteriorate the leather. Your glove should also have enough padding to protect the palm area for catching balls off-center. Make sure your glove is easily adjustable to ensure a snug fit.