How to Choose the Right Basketball Shoes (Buyer’s Guide)


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The cushion is the backbone of a pair of shoes that help achieve a comfortable fit and usage of the shoes.

There are various types of cushioning with each cushion varying in use. However, there are a few things to look at in a shoe’s cushion to determine that you find the right fit for you.

  • Height Of The Cushion

The height of the cushion is a deciding factor as it also determines how high your foot is from the ground. There is no fixed level or height but rather based on preference. However, there are drawbacks to the extremes. If the cushion setup is too high, you will be further away from the ground and this can cause instability and possible injuries as there is less court feel, which is the responsiveness of a shoe based on how close it is to the ground. If a cushion setup is too low, the court feel will be good but the impact protection and effect of the cushion will be close to non-existent. We recommend a height in between that provides court feel and impact protection as seen in the picture.

  • Bounce Of The Cushion

The bounce of the cushion refers to the level of impact protection a cushion setup can offer. This varies with the type of foam used and new technologies that companies use to find the balance between a cushion setup being too soft or too stiff. The reason that a balance is trying to be found is that a cushion being too soft will not be responsive, therefore not meeting the requirements for quick players like guards. On the other hand, a cushion too stiff will not offer enough impact protection and cannot support jumping players like the forwards. By finding a balance, a shoe will receive good responsiveness and impact protection. This can be checked by leaning on your heel as shown.