Does the way food is stored in the refrigerator affect its shelf life?

The organized way of arranging the refrigerator makes the cooking process easier because it facilitates access to the things required, and also helps to keep the food fresh and safe, as the food must be placed in the appropriate parts of the refrigerator, as some things such as meat and dairy products belong to the bottom of the refrigerator They are cooler.

The shelves and drawers should also be used advantageously, as the arrangement of the refrigerator will help you remember what is in and out of it, keep the refrigerator clean, and avoid spills, and the food will last longer when everything is stored in The right place for it

How to arrange the refrigerator

Why is it recommended to pack the leek when putting it in the fridge?

It is possible to choose the way the refrigerator is arranged in a way that ensures the preservation of vegetables and fruits fresh for a longer period by some simple tricks, such as placing vegetables in the tray, and many drawers contain an adjustable humidity level, and even if the refrigerator does not have an adjustable humidity level in the drawer, it must Store vegetables in it, and these vegetables include green onions and cauliflower, and the following are the ways to arrange vegetables and fruits in the refrigerator:

Rinse dry leafy vegetables when you bring them home, and leafy vegetables include lettuce, cabbage, and spinach, even if the vegetables have been washed in advance, it is good to wash them once Other, it is possible to dry them with a paper towel.

  • Cauliflower and cabbage should be stored in the tray, after wrapping these vegetables in a partially open plastic bag or perforated plastic, so that the cabbage lasts for at least two weeks.
  • You should wrap the celery in aluminum foil before putting it in Refrigerator.
  • Shallots should be wrapped in a damp paper towel before cooling. A damp paper towel will help to keep the leeks fresh.
  • Shallots should not be placed in the refrigerator without wrapping, as their smell will affect other things.
  • Fruit is placed in a low-humidity drawer, where it stays in better shape when not exposed to excessive moisture.
  • Most refrigerators contain a special drawer with less humidity than other shelves and drawers. This is the place to choose to store the fruit.
  • Fruits quickly must be stored on the upper shelf, fresh berries, for example, will spoil faster than apples, so they should not be stored in the drawer, they must be placed on the middle or upper shelf, where they are easily seen and accessed.
  • Store meat in the refrigerator.

Why should you store meat on the lower shelves of the refrigerator?

Dairy products and meat spoil quickly, so when arranging the refrigerator, you must put meat and milk on the lower shelves of the refrigerator at the back, as this area is generally the coldest, which keeps these products fresh for a longer period. This also helps prevent meat juices from contaminating the entire refrigerator if it drips. Meat products, especially raw meat, should also be carefully wrapped in plastic wrap to prevent contamination, and raw meat wrapped in plastic must be placed in a bowl or tray, to prevent leaks of juice.

Tricks to increase the storage space in the refrigerator

There are many ways and aids to make the most of From the area of ​​the refrigerator, so that the method of arranging the refrigerator is chosen in a way that organizes the shape of the products inside, and helps to maintain their cleanliness as well, and here are some tricks that help to arrange the refrigerator better:

  • Hanging all the bottles using the magnet bottle hanger to save shelf space Ltd.
  • where all that is needed is to attach the tape to the bottom of the shelf or ceiling of the refrigerator and then hang any bottle with a magnetic cap.
  • It is possible to take advantage of unused wall space in the refrigerator by attaching magnetic disks to the bottom of smaller storage boxes and packing them with small items like olives and nuts.
  • Label the items in the refrigerator to find a suitable place to return them.
  • This small series of drawers are used for storage due to its perfect size to accommodate small snacks. Putting spices on a rotating tray, for easy access to daily necessities such as mustard, mayonnaise, and ketchup, which encourages the spices to be returned properly once you are done using them, so no more reaching the back of the refrigerator and dropping dozens of bottles, thanks to the way the refrigerator is arranged.

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