How Many Weeks in a Year?

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There are 52 weeks and 1 day in a year. Every four years is a leap year⁠, which has 52 weeks and 2 days. However, the supplementary definition of leap year is as follows: Except for years that are evenly divisible by 400, years with the last two digits being 00 are not leap years.

For example, the year 2000 was a leap year because it is divisible by 400. However, the year 1900 was not a leap year because it is only divisible by 100.

How to calculate the number of weeks in a year:

The number of weeks in a year is calculated by dividing the number of days in a year by 7 days in a week:

  • Common year: 365 days per common year / 7 days per week = 52.1429 weeks per common year
  • Leap year: 366 days per leap year / 7 days per week = 52.2857 weeks per leap year

In a leap year, there are 366 days (with the addition of Feb 29), which means there are 52.2857 weeks in a leap year. Either way, it’s correct to say there are about 52 weeks in a year.