10 Signs you may pay attention to your kidneys

10. When we face troubles while we are sleeping:

harlequin ichthyosis,
popcorn lung,
typhoid mary,
menkes disease,
rms disease,
wiskott aldrich syndrome,
granulomatosis with polyangiitis,
familial mediterranean fever,
hemophilia b,
epidermolysis bullosa

If our Kidneys do not work in a good way, the toxins which exist in our bodies will not be able to exit through the urine and they will remain inside the blood. The increase in the number of toxins in the body will lead to troubles in sleeping and this may be a sign of chronic kidney disease.

Cautioning: when your doctor diagnosed you with chronic kidney disease, you will suffer from sleep apnea. Sleep apnea means that you will suffer from a sleeping disorder that leads to one or several pauses of breathing during sleeping. This may continue anywhere from two seconds to more than one minute. This case will be considered dangerous and must doctors see it immediately…

# Number 1 is so important, that most people ignore it.

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