Toilet Buying Guide

Water-Saving Toilets

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look for toilets that have been certified by WaterSense. Established by the EPA, the WaterSense program label means that it has been tested and approved to be a water-efficient product. 

WaterSense testing looks at multiple factors in the performance of the toilet, so a rated toilet brings more benefits than just savings on the water bill. Some of the toilet functions that the WaterSense program rates can include: 

  • The flush-effectiveness of the bowl shape and water use. 
  • The cleanliness of the bowl surface after flushing. 
  • The effectiveness of the toilet’s drain line. 
  • The effectiveness of the toilet’s overall waste extraction process. 

Along with all of the benefits included in a WaterSense-rated toilet, it’s also nice to know that these water-saving toilets will save you anywhere from 20-60% of water per toilet flush compared to older toilets. Considering how many times a single member of the household may flush the toilet on any given day, the amount of water adds up over time and saves you quite a bit of money on your water usage.