How to Choose the Right Dishwasher

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Dishwasher Features to look for

  • Self-cleaning filter, no need to remove and clean the filter. Amen to that.
  • Fast wash for barely-dirty dishes, so you save on water and energy bills.
  • A half-load function that adjusts water and program times for smaller loads, again saving on water and energy bills.
  • Quick programs that deliver a stellar clean in under 30 minutes.
  • Intelligent sensor technology that applies the optimum amount of water and pressure to produce sparkling results, no matter what type of load.
  • Fan-assisted drying so dishes come out bone-dry and auto-opening doors that let steam escape for drier dishes post-wash.
  • Extra-hot wash cycle to bust germs and sanitize baby bottles.
  • Flexible, adjustable shelves that let you stack your dishwasher the way you like, whether you need a spot for long-stemmed wine glasses or more room for pots and baking sheets.
  • The lift-up bottom basket literally slides out and lifts up so you can load and unload without bending your back.
  • Glass care technology that adjusts water quality to optimize the sparkle on your Champagne flutes, and eliminates cloudy or streaky glassware.
  • Pull-out cutlery tray to keep knives, forks, and spoons organized.
  • Bottle-cleaning jets to wash the interior of water bottles, vases, and more.
  • The built-in garbage disposal removes food particles, preventing them from collecting in the filter and having to be manually removed.
  • Anti-flood protection to stop the flow of water from the tap if there is a leak – no one wants the hassle of an unexpected leak in the kitchen.