There are many effective housekeeping ideas;

To maintain the cleanliness and arrangement of the house, including the following: Organizing and dividing the work of arranging the rooms.

It is advisable to divide the work of organizing and arranging the rooms of the house into two parts, namely:

The daily cleaning and arrangement work: includes the work of cleaning the bedrooms, living rooms and daily salons, the following: Folding the bed linen And loosen the pillows and put them in their places until they are used at night.

Organize and place dirty clothes in the laundry basket, inspect the basket to ensure that parts do not accumulate inside, and wash them regularly as soon as they are full. Arrange clean clothes and shoes in their places in cupboards or drawers, and return things to their proper place.

Removing and collecting children’s toys, in addition to school tools or kitchen utensils from cups, etc., and returning everything to the correct location in the house. Sweep the floors and sweep them from dust and dirt.

Clean the sofa and remove the dirty stains on any of the furniture as soon as it occurs, in the appropriate way.

eekly and monthly organization and maintenance work: wiping electronic devices and equipment in rooms, removing dirt and dust from them, and sterilizing them with wet wipes.

Wash sheets and pillowcases or soiled items regularly. Doing maintenance for furniture, repairing broken or damaged parts, and not neglecting them.

Check areas under beds, sofas, etc. in living rooms, and inspect them to ensure that there are no harmful pests and insects.

Cleaning the bathrooms

The bathroom needs daily cleaning, and after using it directly, and among the tips that facilitate cleaning the bathroom are the following:

  • Wiping the bathroom tables and personal tools that are hung and on them, including cosmetics, bathing supplies, and washing hair, in addition to dusting off unused parts in it, And wipe off the shower immediately after you have finished using it.
  • Wearing gloves while working, removing traces and remnants of soap and dirt from the bathtub, tiles, etc., and rubbing the toilet bowl, the sink, and the sink using the cleaners, brushes, and tools specified for each piece, as a toilet brush differs from a surface mopping sponge, ceramic wipe cloth, or floors, and so on.
  • Spray bathroom mirrors with cleaner and a special glass polish, and wipe them with a fine-fiber cloth to get a streak-free shine.
  • Clean floors with a specialized gel that effectively removes dirt, wiping and drying them thoroughly, and disinfecting them regularly.
  • Ventilate the bathroom using a fan or by opening doors and windows; To keep it smelling clean and always fragrant.

Taking care of the kitchen

The kitchen is considered one of the vital places of great use in the home and therefore it must be taken care of in the following ways:

  • Wipe the dust from utensils, tables, and other things placed on them, using a damp sponge, then dry them, and return them to their regularly designated places, and not leave them in a chaotic manner.
  • Remove stains and traces of stained food on surfaces, carpets, and floors as soon as they are dirty, using special stain cleaners, and not leaving them for a long time so that they get stuck and difficult to remove.
  • Remove germs and food accumulation from cutting boards and other items immediately after completion to avoid diseases and harmful microbes that stick to foods if they are reused, and a dedicated spray can be used to clean them.
  • Cleaning the food stove and not neglecting it; Because will make the job harder and make dirt stick to it.
  • Take care of other kitchen attachments such as fridges, cabinets, and microwaves, and wipe and clean them every now and then and avoid neglecting them.
  • Organizing the wardrobes It is recommended to take the following instructions into consideration to organize the home cabinets and maintain their order and elegance, namely:

Try to organize the cabinets and arrange the clothes and pieces in them so that the empty vacancies are filled in an orderly manner that makes it easier for a person to use them and choose the pieces simply and without creating chaos in the place.

Separating summer clothes from winter ones, and those that are frequently used from those used by a person on certain occasions to facilitate the choice of clothes. Hanging clothes that wrinkle easily, and valuables, dresses, special occasion items, and more. Fold and arrange clothes vertically instead of horizontally.

To make better use of space, not including shelves where items can collapse.

The use of a special organizer for shoes, and it is preferable to use those that are placed near the outside door rather than placing them in cabinets so that they do not take up much space.

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