Which bank is best for a home loan in India

Anand Biradar, works at Juniper Networks

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It is better to go for HDFC over SBI.

SBI loots by saying zero processing fee & a lot of hidden charges, Whereas HDFC charges 3000 processing fees but minimal hidden charges. My friend took a loan from HDFC & I took it from SBI. My credit score is far better than my friend’s.

Here is the apple to apple comparison→

SBI Bank→ Mine

Processing charge->0


Sale agreement Franking charge -Rs.7850

Valuation charge-Rs.2500

Legal charge -Rs.3000

Documentation charges- Rs.900

Fire insurance-Rs.20000

They were pushing for term insurance, I somehow managed to escape.

SBI total→ 55,450

ROI-> 7.05%