Follow these steps to protect your refrigerator from breakdowns

Refrigerator malfunctions

The refrigerator is the main kitchen column that is impossible to dispense with or abandon.

Sometimes the housewife notices that there is something wrong with it due to a defect or malfunction, which leads to her stopping work or poor efficiency and then resorting to contacting a specialist to find out the malfunction and fix it as quickly as possible without Its attempt to find the cause or search for a malfunction, and in most cases, this step is to solve the problem and the main step to fix it and save money, and to help do this step, it is necessary to know the most prominent faults that the refrigerators are exposed to, including;

Stopping work, stopping cooling, melting ice in the freezer or freezer very cold, food spoilage, the sound coming out of the engine, overheating of the back part, and the presence of ice in the interior parts.

The solution may be very simple and sometimes it may require specialist intervention to fix Malfunctions, and for this, it is necessary to maintain the integrity of the refrigerator to prevent it from being damaged, and this can be done by following the steps shown in the following lines. Follow these steps to protect your refrigerator from breakdowns due to the importance of the refrigerator and the inability to dispense with it, it must be preserved and taken care of to avoid a malfunction in it.

In fact, there are many neglected or who use it incorrectly, which leads to wasting its energy and destroying it and spreading spoilage to the foods that are They may cause disease to humans if they are consumed, despite the multiplicity of types of refrigerators, but they can be preserved by following the following steps and protect them from exposure to malfunctions:

Measuring the refrigerator temperature: The refrigerator’s temperature must be maintained at 40 degrees Fahrenheit in order to keep the growth of harmful bacteria and to preserve food, and the freezer must be set at a constant temperature of 0 degrees Fahrenheit, which is capable of storing fried foods and ice cream. Cleaning and inspecting the refrigerator seals:

Failure to close the refrigerator door properly causes cold air to leak out of it, which makes it difficult for the refrigerator to keep the required cold. Food spoilage, so this step must be done at least once a month.

Avoid storing perishable items in the refrigerator door:

the door is opened and closed often, which causes the temperature in the door to vary frequently, leading to the spoilage of perishable foods in the door, such as eggs and milk.

Avoid using strong detergents:

Be careful not to use strong chemical cleaning agents to clean the refrigerator and choose natural detergents such as water with baking soda or white vinegar.

Cleaning the refrigerator from the back: It is recommended to work on cleaning the refrigerator from the back at least twice a year to remove dust and dirt that may cause a malfunction.

On the other hand, it is worth taking care to clean the exterior using vinegar to prevent the growth of mold and take care to do a deep cleaning that aims to clean the condenser at least every three months, clean the drain hole and the drip pan to remove condensation, food residues, and mineral deposits according to the instructions in the product manual.

It is also recommended to check the fillings. Doors for refrigerator and freezer, change of water filter if very dirty, and filter around every 6 months.

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