Bathroom cleaning:

By following these steps, you will protect your family from disease

Cleaning the bathrooms

The cleanliness of the house is one of the important things for every woman, and it is important in several ways, the first of which is health and avoiding diseases, the second is the general view of the house that remains pleasant and tidy, and the third is the psychological comfort when the lady sits in the house while he is at the top of cleanliness and the scent of fragrance wafts throughout it.

Many women hate cleaning a certain part of the house, namely the bathrooms, and therefore they may clean them quickly without paying attention to some details when cleaning them, and it is worth noting that cleaning the bathrooms is no less important than cleaning the rest of the house, because it is one of the most places in The house is susceptible to bacteria, germs, and fungi, and therefore it is necessary to follow some advice when cleaning it, and take care of it and sterilize it periodically and continuously, and this attention is what guarantees the woman to maintain cleanliness on the one hand and protect herself and her family from diseases caused by bacteria and germs in the bathrooms.

Steps to clean the bathrooms and protect your family from diseases It is imperative that the health and safety of family members are important for every housewife, and this matter is related to several aspects, including food and preparing it in a healthy way, including cleaning clothes and washing them regularly.

Including bathing and taking care of personal hygiene, and also taking care bathroom cleanliness And the lady may clean the bathroom on a daily basis, wipe the floor, and clean the places that are visible from it, but from time to time it needs a complete and comprehensive cleaning of every place in it, whether it is visible to the eye or not, and in this regard, certain steps can be followed that help in cleaning the bathrooms. And protecting the family from diseases.

Emptying the bathroom of everything that does not belong to it until the woman cleans the bathroom properly, and is able to sterilize every corner in it.

It is an essential part of the bathroom, such as clothes, water cups, garbage can, clothes storage cabinets, detergent, shampoo, and bath soapboxes, and this helps the housewife to pay attention to the dirty places under these items to start cleaning them comfortably without Feel the tightness of the place.

Sanitizing the toilet

A woman can start in the place most susceptible to germs, bacteria, and pollution, which is the toilet, where she pours a quantity of disinfectant into the toilet, and leaves it for a quarter of an hour, making sure that the bathroom is exposed to an airstream such as turning on a fan or opening The window if it is present in the bathroom, and while waiting for the effect of disinfectant.

The lady can put the toilet brush in the toilet bowl, thus ensuring sterilization of the toilet and the brush, and the woman can use a powder that she prepares herself, which is two tablespoons of soda carbonate and a quarter of a liter of water and white vinegar mixture.

Getting rid of dust After completing the sterilization process, the woman begins cleaning the bathroom from dust, especially the presence of spider tissue that may be present in the corners of the bathroom, and she disposes of it either by a hand vacuum cleaner, or by using a vacuum cleaner, and if the bathroom walls are covered. By wallpapering, a woman can use a thin, damp cloth to wipe the walls and get rid of the dust on them.

Using stain removal powders

There must be a lot of lime stains in the bathrooms that cause the walls to appear in dark colors.

Where, here, a housewife can use a powdered stain-cleaning powder, and spread it on the walls and places of stains and leave it for at least a quarter of an hour, and then rub the place of stains, and it is necessary to alert the lady to the instructions for using the detergent powder and that it is suitable for the bathroom walls, And you can try it on an invisible place in the bathroom in order to ensure that the bathroom walls and their appearance are preserved.

If the woman wants, she can make detergent powder at home by spreading soda carbonate on the spot, then sprinkling white vinegar on it and leaving it for fifteen minutes, and then wiping it.

Cleaning the walls and surfaces

After making sure that all the accumulated stains in the bathroom are gone, the woman can start using a polishing and cleaning solution and put it on the sponge and wipe the walls and floors with it, then rinse it with water, and then wipe it with a clean and dry cloth to make sure that the surfaces are dry, and that no traces of water remain In the form of lines on the walls and floors and the lady can mix some water with some white vinegar and wipe the floors and walls with it, which gives the bathroom an unparalleled shine and luster.

It is also necessary to note that it is not possible to mix vinegar with chemical powder It was purchased, and the woman must wear gloves so that her hands are not damaged by the use of chemical cleaning powders.

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