How to Choose a Tennis Racket [buyer’s Guide]

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3. Weight. You can choose between head-light rackets or head-heavy rackets. Each is defined by its swing weight, or the level of resistance your racket encounters while swinging around a center of rotation. A heavier racket has a higher swing weight, which means less acceleration (but an increase in power, stability, and shock reduction). A lighter racket means a lower swing weight, which means you can whip it faster to generate sharp angles and intense topspin (but less power). A lightweight racket weighs between 240 and 265 grams and is great for juniors or beginners who are trying to transition to an adult-sized racket. A medium-weight racket is between 270 and 295 grams and is ideal for a balance of power and control. Head-heavy rackets are over 300 grams and provide the most power. When choosing a racket, keep in mind that you’ll be swinging it in many directions throughout the whole match, so pick the one that best suits your strength level and playing style.