Company Researches 3,009 Dog Food Formulas And Finds ONLY 593 To Be Satisfactory

Choosing 2020’s recommendations must have been a tall task to tackle for the team. They checked out 3,009 and different formulas, and by the time they were done, they had 593 that made the cut, and five favorites – one for each of the tested categories.

3,009: Total number of dog foods considered by the team

The team got started by collecting every adult dog food sold in the U.S. (If you don’t see yours listed, they admit that some may have “slipped through the cracks.”)

“It took us about a month to compile our list. But we wanted to be sure we considered every formula pet owners are likely to run into, whether they’re browsing for dog food online, at the grocery store or at a specialty retailer.”

Of those, 40 without an ingredients list available, or a working website were immediately cut, leaving 2,969.

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