30 impressive dream homes you shouldn’t miss

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People have different dream homes, whether it’s traditional or modern homes. Dream homes have some things in common, and that is the exciting features and amenities that it offers. Take a look at these dream homes we have collected and see if your dream home is included.

Buying your own home involves a large capital outlay, which most people find difficult to pay upfront. However, you can still go ahead and buy your dream home without having to wait for years to accumulate the needed funds by taking a home loan. What should everyone know about home loans? 1. A home loan is a long tenure loan (could extend up to 30 years) that is available at an affordable interest rate (presently, HDFC offers home loans at an interest rate range of 6.70% to 7.85%). You repay the loan in the form of Equated Monthly Instalments (EMIs) which is a fixed amount payable every month over the loan tenure. Each EMI has two components – part repayment of principal and interest payable. Home loan offers tax benefits on capital repayment and interest payment, which makes them even more attractive. There is no reason to delay your home purchase. Make your dream of having your own home a reality today.