Top 20 Beautiful Faces In The World

1) Yael Shelbia Cohen

Photo Credit: © TC Candler

Yael Shelbia Cohen (Hebrew: יעל שלביה‎; August 31, 2001) is an Israeli fashion model and actress.

She has appeared in a number of international modeling campaigns. She was listed by TC CANDLER[who?] in 2018 as the 3rd most beautiful face in the world, ahead of her fellow countrywoman Gal Gadot, and again in 2019 as the 2nd most beautiful face in the world. In December of 2020, Yael was named TC CANDLER’s Most Beautiful face in the world. Earlier in 2020, Yael was named Model of the Year by At Magazine.

She became a leading model for Castro in 2017 and Renuar in 2018. She has received additional media attention due to her Orthodox background, as she keeps Kosher and observes Shabbat, which had led to controversy in her Orthodox Jewish religious community. In 2019, Shelbia was chosen to lead Kylie Jenner’s new skincare range.

Yael currently stars in the Israeli television series Palmach on Teen Nick and Yes TV Kids.

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