10 Things That Made My First Year Of Being A Mom A Little Easier

3. A Google for Families email account so your little one can have a digital baby book of sorts.

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Remember this Google commercial where the dad wrote emails to his daughter? 😭It stuck with me, so I set up Gmail addresses for each one of my kids once we decided on their names. I shoot them quick little emails on their milestones, or whenever there’s a story I want to make sure they know when they’re older. For their birthdays, I invite family and friends to email them, too!

Make sure you set the email address up as a Google for Families account so you can have ownership over the address until you’re ready to turn it over. And now your guilt about not putting together a perfectly crafted baby book is absolved! (Though those are great, too. Props to you crafty ones!)

Set up a free Google for Families account here.

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